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We are a full-service detective agency that specializes in serving major global brands and their attorneys.


We can add a creative and unique touch to your next big intellectual property litigation case.
Combat Boots


Our experts have been training law enforcement, corporate and legal pros since the 90s.



In these current times, fashion commerce is more likely to be done online than at a brick and mortar store.


Entertainment has been a backbone of the Intellectual Property work we have been a part of for decades.


Did you know that we were on the front lines during the technology boom of the 90s and ever since?


Brand Strategy

Whether it's a TV show, a dog biscuit, a movie, a toothbrush, a toy or a video game, we can assist.
Trade Secret Theft

Trade Secret Theft

The era in which we live dictates that IP is the most valuable asset of any organization.
Online Piracy

Online Piracy

Pirated online content has evolved from being a nuisance to actual market competition.

Incident Response

When something bad happens, you call your incident response team.


An effective investigation requires a team with a history of big wins in Federal Court.

Anti Counterfeiting

We are trusted by the world’s top companies in this area.

In the News

Rob Holmes, CEO of IPCybercrime.com LLC, a private investigator that specializes in helping brand owners identify violations of intellectual-property rights, says Alibaba is “a major thorn in the side” of his clients.

Rob Holmes works with all kinds of major brands. Trolling eBay, buying counterfeit products and going after the people selling them.

When it comes to online detectives, Rob Holmes is the guy. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Cartier — they all use him.

Rob Holmes is the Sherlock Holmes of the Internet.

Rob Holmes is ‘the’ brand detective.

Such a compelling story!

Many brand owners share the opinion of IPCybercrime’s Rob Holmes…

IPCybercrime has worked to close down several bulletproof operations.

“Tiffany is David and eBay is Goliath now; it’s not the other way around anymore. These Internet companies are bigger than the luxury brand companies, financially and structurally,” said Rob Holmes, president of IPCybercrime.

“It’s inceasingly easy for counterfeiters with little experience to build a site that looks and functions like a major company’s website”, says IPCybercrimes Rob Holmes

The fashion industry has its own Sherlock Holmes, and thanks to him, one of the Internet’s largest traffickers in counterfeit goods is going to pay.

“In the old days, we would bust a warehouse full of fakes.” recalls Rob Holmes an investigator of online infringement. “Now, because of how good the logistics are out of China they ship one [item] at a time.”

Rob Holmes, a security expert with IPCybercrime, said yesterday that whether or not GoDaddy was hacked, the outage showed the dangers of shared Web hosting services.

…Rob Holmes, president of IPCybercrime a firm that tracks counterfeit products online, figures that about one fifth of the goods listed on eBay are fakes.

Protecting the cyber world is the Sherlock Holmes of the Internet, Rob Holmes. Rob sets up the virtual crime scene, analyses it, and then catches the bad guys.

“Many infringers are getting smart, instead of charging $100 for a $700 handbag, they’re now charging $500.”, said Rob Holmes, CEO of IPCybercrime.

Holmes believes that HP’security team used clever tricks in their surveillance of directors, employees and reporters, but he said that to discuss these tactics openly in internal company e-mails was the height of ‘amateurism.’

One of the men helping to put counterfeit dealers out of business is Rob Holmes. He’s part of a stunning new investigation into the knockoff business.