Knockoff Report™ #516

Hollywood Presses Anti-Piracy Trade Measures With Obama - Knockoff Report™ #516

Hollywood Presses Anti-Piracy Trade Measures With Obama

Counterfeit Ring Busted by Toronto Police (Lorne Lipkus featured)

ICE, International Law Enforcement Agencies Seize 706 Domain Names Selling Counterfeit Merchandise

‘Counterfeit’ Rabies Vaccines Can Kill You, Philippine Drug Authorities Say

‘Knockoff’ Trial Jurors Admit Buying Counterfeit Merchandise

Russia Amends Anti-Piracy Law to Specify Procedure for Blocking Illegal Content

Twelve Held During Counterfeit Raids in Birmingham

That Knockoff Dress Will Make You Look Fat: Lawsuit

Counterfeit Industry Tools Seized in Raids in Qatar

FBI, LA Officials Warn of Counterfeit Goods this Holiday Season

19 Busted in Queens Fashion Counterfeit Probe

UL Warns of Counterfeit UL Mark on USB Power Adapter

10,000 Counterfeit Wahl Clippers Seized in Raid on China Firm

Thousands of Counterfeit Goods Seized at Etowah Co. Trade Day

Fear of Counterfeit Drugs in $38m Aid Project for Papua New Guinea

Counterfeit Goods Costing Kenya US$804 Million A Year

China Cracks Down on Seeds Counterfeiting

Rampant Holiday Counterfeiting Putting Colorado Shoppers at Risk

Monday’s Malice

portrait-doctor-dr-arnold-arnie-klein-ap110922154130__oPtMichael Jackson’s Disaster Doc BUSTED Smuggling In Counterfeit Botox?!

Customs Seizes 5,000 Counterfeit Tablets at Los Angeles, Long Beach Port Complex

Seizure of Counterfeit Sports Apparel Part of Super Bowl Buzz

Brooklyn DA: $4.5 Million In Counterfeit Cigarettes Recovered

Online Advertising Support of Pirate Sites – USC Study

Clearer Rules on Customs Handling of Pirated or Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit Seizures by U.S. Government Declined in 2012

Birmingham Factory Unit “Produced Potentially-Harmful Counterfeit Vodka on Industrial Scale”

HSI Little Rock Seizes $100,000 of Counterfeit Goods

Anti-Piracy Company ‘Tests’ Mega’s Copyright Takedown Skills

Union City Man Accused of Trafficking Counterfeit Viagra Pills

Harvey Weinstein: Reelected Obama Free to Pursue Tough Anti-Piracy Laws

Destruction of Counterfeit iPhones… Russia Style!