Knockoff Report™ #514

Prada Thinks Its Latest Knockoff Really Stinks - Knockoff Report™ #514Prada Thinks Its Latest Knockoff Really Stinks

Swap Shop Owner, Coach Set for Court Battle Over Knockoffs

Huge Increase in Seizures of Counterfeit Products From the Chinese Mainland

NFL, Nike Fight to Keep Counterfeit Products off the Market

Hollywood Backs Antipiracy Curriculum for Elementary Schools

FDA Warns Against Counterfeit Male Sexual Enhancement Product

PA Woman Suspected of Making Counterfeit Prescriptions

Counterfeit Lincolnshire Nike Seller Jailed

MO Man Sentenced for Selling Knockoffs in Kansas

Five Admit to Counterfeit Clothes Scam Targeting Midwest Store

The MPAA Updates Anti-Piracy Guidelines, Ask Theater Employees to Police Audience

Auburn University Warns Against Counterfeit Tickets

Police Seize Counterfeit Tobacco in East Belfast

Moxee Man Sentenced for Counterfeit Air Bags

Cathedral City Police Grab Suspected Counterfeit Merchandise

Thursday’s Thuggery

Alibaba Pledges to Combat Fake Goods on its Shopping PortalsAlibaba Pledges to Combat Fake Goods on its Shopping Portals

FDA Invention Fights Counterfeit Malaria Drugs

NFL Given OK to Shut Counterfeit Sales Websites

At Memorial Service, Biden Denounces ‘Knockoff Jihadis’

Bimbo Bets on Knock-Off Twinkie

2 Chinese Nationals Convicted of Counterfeiting (TX)

Orange County Vendors Charged With Selling Counterfeit Goods

Man Charged With Sale of Counterfeit Clothing in Dothan

Counterfeit Triangle Scrubbed; TJ’s Coffee World Coming Soon

Crash Course: Spotting Counterfeit air Bags

These Are China’s Most Shameless Knockoffs

How to Spot Counterfeit Designer Shoes

US Seizes 15,000 Counterfeit Chinese Toasters

Monday’s Magnificence – Knockoff Report

Colin KaepernickColin Kaepernick Defends Move to Protect Personal Brand (feat. Vanessa Backman)

These Chinese Knockoff DVD Movies Are Hilarious!!!

NFL Cracks Down on Fake Jerseys – ESPN

Saudi Arabia’s War Against Counterfeit Goods

UL Warns of Counterfeit UL Mark on Fire Sprinkler

Counterfeit Tobacco Seized in Darlington Town Centre Raid

Carrollton Man Gets 36 Months in Federal Prison for Selling Crappy Counterfeit Cellphone Accessories

Counterfeit Ambulances on Rise in China

Police Seize $30,000 in ‘counterfeit’ Perfume From Brockton Man’s Westgate Mall Kiosk

Thailand Game Shop Raided for Counterfeit Games

Counterfeit kingpin nabbed in Joburg

ICE Seizes Counterfeit Super Bowl Tickets

Jail for Manchester Counterfeit Goods Gang

Conference on Counterfeit Electronics Addresses Growing National Concern

Antigua’s Threat to Plunder American Intellectual Property

Thursday’s Thingamajigs

Chinese Knockoff Sombrero Drags Colombian Tribe Into Trade FightChinese Knockoff Sombrero Drags Colombian Tribe Into Trade Fight

How Do Counterfeit Phones Get Into This Country in the First Place?

Mansfield Shop Owners Fined for Selling Counterfeit Wine

Anti-Piracy Site Claims Small, 40 Percent Victory in Anti-Mega Campaign

Over 44,000 DVDs Seized in UK Counterfeit Goods Investigation

Counterfeit Bearings in Shanghai; a Growing Problem

Campaign to Stub Out Counterfeit Tobacco in Nottingham

Zambia: Ban On Counterfeit Phones Coming

Kevin Tsujihara Is the Anti-Piracy, Always-Authenticated Choice for CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment

UConn to Host Forum on Counterfeit Electronics

ICE, CBP, USPIS Seize More Than $13.6 Million in Fake NFL Merchandise During ‘Operation Red Zone

Sweep For Counterfeit 49ers Gear Comes Up Empty

Carrollton Man Sentenced to Prison for Trafficking Counterfeit Cell Phone Accessories

Looking for More Victims in Counterfeit Syracuse University Basketball Ticket Scam on Craigslist

Adderall Knockoffs Are Unapproved, Potentially Dangerous, Experts Say

Monster Machines: Even The Cargo Jets Are Knockoffs In China

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