Knockoff Report™ #541

CSI Bordeaux Wine Detective Solves Multimillion-Dollar Case - Knockoff Report™ #541CSI Bordeaux: Wine Detective Solves Multimillion-Dollar Case

20/20 6/13: To Catch a Fake

Knockoff Samsung Smartphones Transmitted Personal Data to Chinese Server

Congress Names 4 Countries To Anti-Piracy Watchlist

Forget Handbags: Household Items Among Goods Seized in Counterfeit Busts

An Attack on Intellectual Property Is an Attack on US Business

Tough Action Against Counterfeit Products

Inviting Knockoffs To The Tailgate Party

Attorneys Send a Convention Message: Knock off the Knockoffs

Lawyers Focus on Short Cut to Riches for Counterfeiters

Counterfeit Antibiotics Feed Drug Resistance, Superbugs

Vaughan Man Arrested for Selling Counterfeit Concert Tickets

Wimbledon’s ‘British’ Approach to Brand Protection Revealed

Lawsuit Over Fake Poker Chips Dismissed by State Court - Knockoff Report™ #541Lawsuit Over Fake Poker Chips Dismissed by State Court

Kirkham Man Admits Counterfeit Goods Ruse

Phony Headphones, Fake Jewelry Among Items Seized in Counterfeit Sting

Feds Seek $130,000 for Counterfeit Sunglasses Seized in Anchorage

Nearly 200 Websites Touting Counterfeit Goods Seized by Law Enforcers

Hundreds of Counterfeit Goods Seized From Apple Valley Sports Store

Serbian Couple Busted for Selling Knockoffs in Greece

Brooklyn Man Charged With Selling Counterfeit Cigarettes

More Than Half the T-Shirts Sold on Amazon Are Counterfeit…

5 Reasons to Protect your Intellectual Property — No Matter the Size of Your Company

Seven Ways to Tell If Your Gold Is Real

ICC Releases 2014 Intellectual Property Roadmap

Could Your Cheap Knock-off Phone Charger Kill You?

Film Industry Group Encourages Advertisers’ Anti-piracy Efforts

Maine Company Faces $5M Fine for Selling Counterfeit Goods

Biggest Counterfeit Indian Art Controversy Hits Auction

Six Merchants Busted for Counterfeits at W. Columbia Flea Market

10 Years in Prison for Key Player in International Counterfeit-Goods Ring

Second Knock-off USB Charger Explodes

Counterfeit Books Hurting Kenya’s Printers

Tanzania: War Intensified Against Counterfeit Products

Microsoft Launches Intellectual Property Portal for Africa

Kenya Anti Counterfeit Agency Conducts Raids on ‘Fake Phone’ Shops After Complaints

Knockoff Report™ #523

$20M and Counting Feds Tackle Counterfeit Goods Ahead of Super Bowl - Knockoff Report™ #523$20M and Counting: Feds Tackle Counterfeit Goods Ahead of Super Bowl

U.S. Justice Department Files Lawsuits Over Counterfeit Apps

Counterfeit Drug War in Liberia

Former Bloomsburg U Student Pleads Guilty to Selling Knockoff Goods

Microsoft Sues Iowa Firm, Claims it Sold Counterfeit Software

Dozens of Counterfeit Items Seized From Middletown Store

Feds Infiltrate, Bust Counterfeit Card Shop

Pfizer, Lilly and Other Giants Team up to Fight Counterfeits

Metropolis Vodka is a Counterfeit Tipple Best Avoided - Knockoff Report™ #523Metropolis Vodka is a Counterfeit Tipple Best Avoided

Lakeland Man Sentenced to Federal Prison for Counterfeit DVDs

Counterfeit Super Bowl Ticket Scam Cracked, Police Say

Investigators Warn Fans About Phony Super Bowl Tix

How to Spot Counterfeit Super Bowl Apparel

Malta Man Guilty of Selling Counterfeit Shoes

Market Rife With Counterfeit Lamps, Warns Distie

S.A. Man Sells Counterfeit Viagra to Undercover Officer, SAPD Says

UCC Ready to Switch off Counterfeit Phones

$2.7 Million in Counterfeit Borgata Chips Found in Casino Pipe

Knockoff Report™ #504

The Flying Car Knockoffs of China's Great Leap Forward - Knockoff Report™ #504The Flying Car Knockoffs of China’s Great Leap Forward

$210 Million in Counterfeit Handbags Seized

Counterfeit Hermes Bags Worth $295K Seized at Port

Microsoft Wins $304,994 in Counterfeit Claim

Man Sentenced for Trafficking Counterfeit Airbags

Drugs, Counterfeit Items Worth R4.5 Million Seized at Cape Borders

Counterfeiting Links to Organised Crime Highlighted

One Step Ahead: How the WCO Fights the Counterfeiters

TPP Countries Agree New Anti-Counterfeit Measures

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Announces Date for 2013 Global IP Summit

The Most Lifelike Counterfeit Birds You Will Ever See

Man Charged in Texas Case of 7,000 Bogus Erectile Dysfunction Pills

Knockoff Report™ #487

Interpol Says Global Counterfeiting Sweep Nets Fake Goods Worth Almost $133 Million - Knockoff Report™ #487Interpol Says Global Counterfeiting Sweep Nets Fake Goods Worth Almost $133 Million

Knockoff iPhone Charger May Have Killed Chinese Woman

Connecticut Governor Signs Counterfeit Airbag Bill

Chickasaw County Couple Enters Guilty Pleas in Major Counterfeiting Scheme

Feds: Counterfeit Submarine Parts Shipped to Groton Base

Two Bronx Men Charged in Counterfeit Ticket Sales in Paramus

Sands Point Art Dealer Accused of Selling Counterfeit Paintings

Guildmaster Pleads Guilty in Counterfeit UL Sticker Case, Receives Probation

Turkish Counterfeit Goods Crackdown Leads to Protest

Microsoft Continues to Support Jordan’s Anti-Piracy Campaign

The 15 Worst Movie Knock-Offs Ever Made


Knockoff Report Thursday

You Won’t Believe How Much Money Fake Fashion Costs (Hint Billions)You Won’t Believe How Much Money Fake Fashion Costs (Hint: Billions)

New Microsoft Study Says Your Software is Counterfeit

China to Further Strengthen Intellectual Property Rights Protection

Homeland Security Seizes Hundreds of Counterfeit Gun Accessories in Cary

Bartlett Man Convicted of Possessing Counterfeit DVDs

GM Helps the Customs in Saudi Arabia Seize 50,000 Counterfeit Auto Parts

Soccer Pro Shop in Fairfax Investigated for Selling Counterfeit Sportswear

OFT Issue Warning After Quantity of Counterfeit Goods Seized

50,000 Counterfeit Auto Parts Seized in KSA Raids

Men Accused of Selling Counterfeit OU-Notre Dame Tickets

Counterfeit Duff Beer Found in Chile