Knockoff Report™ #543

Louis Vuitton Parent, eBay Settle 8-Year Old Fight Over Knock-offs - Knockoff Report™ #543Louis Vuitton Parent, eBay Settle 8-Year Old Fight Over Knock-offs

Knockoff Oscar Peddler Owes Academy Big Bucks

Man Accused Selling Counterfeit Cellphone Covers in Maine

Illinois Man Sentenced for Trafficking Counterfeit Goods, Drugs into U.S.

Minnesota Man Charged in Counterfeit Jersey Sales

Vimax Combats Counterfeiters

Deadly Fake Wine Flooding Britain’s Off-licences: Laced With Bleach, Nail Polish and Anti-Freeze – and Passed Off as Top Brands

Fake Britain’s Knock-off Goods: From Shardonnay to Brick Dust Covered in Road Paint and Sold as Heart Drug

Dubai Police Seize Fake Goods Worth $9.2m in 15 Days

Fake Designer Clothes Factory Raided in Johannesburg

Jamaica Cops Seize $465m in Counterfeit Goods

India to Pay Whistleblowers for Info on Counterfeit Drugs

Counterfeit Goods, Drugs Among Most Seized Items in Qatar

High Capacity & Counterfeit Batteries (iPhone & Samsung)

Knockoff Report™ #536

Vietnam Replacing China to Become Counterfeit Goods Hot Spot - Knockoff Report™ #536Vietnam Replacing China to Become Counterfeit Goods Hot Spot

Fake Nikes, Guccis, Coach: Muskegon Store Owner Charged with Selling Counterfeits

Oregon City Man Awaits Sentencing in Feds’ First Counterfeit Apps Case

Sugar Land Man Charged for Trafficking Fake Louis Vuitton, Coach Handbags

Woman Claims Jewelry Store Replaced Expensive Necklace With Counterfeit One

Counterfeit Clothing Donated to Norfolk People in Need

Canon Report Finds 18% of People Bought Counterfeit Gear Unwittingly in 2013

India Says It Will Not Participate In A US Investigation Of Intellectual Property Rights Violations

Navy Further Punishes Admiral Who Was Accused Of Counterfeiting Poker Chips

185 Counterfeit Guitars Seized at Bulk Mail Center in Jersey City

Pakistani Man Sentenced in Counterfeit Viagra® and Cialis® Case

From “Pizza Hat” to “Mash Donald’s”, Knockoff Fast Food Restaurants Reign Abroad

Vice President Joe Biden Defends Intellectual Property - Knockoff Report™ #536Vice President Joe Biden Defends Intellectual Property

2 Charged with Selling Counterfeit Drugs to Cancer Center in Northern Nevada

Qingpu Police Target Online Sellers of Knockoffs

Romanian Organized Crime Group Involved in the Distribution of Counterfeit Drugs in Western Europe

Counterfeit Ticket Warning with Extra Security Set for Crystal Palace Clash Against Liverpool

Illicit Cigarettes and Counterfeit Tobacco Seized in County-wide Sting

Police Arrest 2, Seize Counterfeit Fragrances At Perfume District Establishment

Drugs and Counterfeit Cards Seized from Mahogany Home

SFO Plays Key Role in Seizing Counterfeit Products

U.S. Gives Ukraine a Pass on Lax Intellectual Property Laws


Knockoff Report™ #522

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Set up Companies to Protect ‘Intellectual Property Rights’ - Knockoff Report™ #522The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Set up Companies to Protect ‘Intellectual Property Rights’

Google Strikes Against 350 Million Malicious and Counterfeit Ads

Counterfeit Brand-name Bracelets Sold in 5 Dept Stores

Indy Business Hopes to Squash Counterfeiting Before Super Bowl

Men Plead Guilty to Selling Counterfeit Items at Odessa Mall

Lucrative Role as Middleman Puts Amazon in Tough Spot

Counterfeit Chips Discovered at Borgata Winter Poker Open, First Event Cancelled Mid-Stream

Police Warn West Berks Farmers of Counterfeit Pesticides

Shopkeeper Fined for Fake Cigarettes Found in Hole

Police Probe Counterfeit Ticket Sport Fraud in Queens Road, Wimbledon

Coach Wins Its Counterfeit Clampdown

Convicted Sex Offender Faces Counterfeit Controlled Substance Charge

59,222 Suspects Seized in China IPR Campaign

Fake Goods Worth Millions Seized at Wellesbourne Market – Again

Police Seize $120K of Counterfeit Merchandise from Flea Market

Louis Vuitton Sues Swap Shop, Preston Henn over Knockoffs

Man Faces Felony Theft Charges After Sale of Counterfeit Gold Bars

Counterfeit Cigarette Fears Over Plans for Plain Packaging

Chinese Counterfeiters Will Rip Off Wearable Tech as Soon as It’s Worth Ripping Off

Gateway The 3DS Piracy Tool Whose Anti-Piracy Tactic Bricks Your 3DS - Knockoff Report™ #522Gateway: The 3DS Piracy Tool Whose Anti-Piracy Tactic Bricks Your 3DS

Man Held for Driving Knock-off Smart Car

Police Seize 40,000 Knockoff Items, Arrest 3 Suspects in Thessaloniki

Saudi, UAE Move to Combat Counterfeits

Llanelli Man Jailed and Fined £71,000 Over Counterfeit DVDs

Grave and Groovy: Flash Mobs Dance to Send Anti-piracy Message

New App Rewards Consumers for Reporting Counterfeits

Beware Counterfeit Super Bowl Tickets

Saddleback Leather Shows Pirates How to Counterfeit Their Bag