Knockoff Report Monday

Washington Must Get Serious About Protecting Intellectual Property - Knockoff ReportWashington Must Get Serious About Protecting Intellectual Property

Miami Pastor Pleads Not Guilty to Trying to Sell Counterfeit Damien Hirst Artwork

Walnut Man Convicted of Importing Counterfeit Disney Pins

Woman Admits Selling Counterfeit Software

Aktion Plagiarius ‘Dishonors’ Best Design Knock-offs With Annual Awards

Knockoff Watches Cause Big Trouble for Tyrone Man

ICE Agent, SC Police Crack Down on $4 Million Counterfeiting Operation

Men Charged With Selling Counterfeit Cell Phone Cases Displaying Images of Justin Bieber Appear in Regina Court

Counterfeit TRX Force vs Genuine TRX Force (Consumer Video)

Knockoff Report Monday

The 5 Worst Star Wars Knockoff MoviesThe 5 Worst Star Wars Knockoff Movies

Counterfeit Is The New Real

Keeping Your Intellectual Property Safe

Smoking Out Counterfeit Tobacco

7 Corpus Christi Residents Accused of Selling Counterfeit DVDs, CDs Indicted

Man Arrested in Sale of Counterfeit “Beats by Dr. Dre” Headphones

UL Warns of Counterfeit UL Mark on USB Power Adapter

Porn and Counterfeit Alcohol Seized from Coventry Newsagents

Suspects Named in West End Counterfeit Bust (GA)

$1.1 Million Seized in Counterfeit DVD, CD Bust in Yuba County

44 Store Owners Charged; P362 M in Counterfeit Goods Seized Since January (Philippines)

Officials Fight Against Counterfeit Bieber Tickets

Knockoff Report Thursday

Taxi Raid3 Men Arrested in Scheme to Sell Counterfeit Car Parts

White House Adopts New Strategy to Safeguard Intellectual Property

ICE and CBP Announce Charges Linked to Major Commercial Fraud Enterprise

Counterfeit Viagra & Cialis Found on the Toronto Market

MD Flea Market Investigated for Counterfeit Goods

Orlando Man Sentenced to Prison for Selling Counterfeit Disney DVDs

200,000 Counterfeit Soccer Balls Taken in Brazilian Port

Science of Innovation — Anti-Counterfeiting

Monday’s Meat & Potatoes

Counterfeit GuitarsBaytown Man Accused of Selling Counterfeit Texans Jerseys

Customs Agents Pluck Counterfeit Guitars Coming Into O’Hare

Canadian Goverment States They Will Not Replace Counterfeit Parts

75% of Women Say They’ve Purchased a Designer Knockoff: Are You One of ‘Em

Virginia Man Sentenced for Selling Counterfeit GM Diagnostics

Imitation Apple: Hardware knockoffs through the years

£10,000 of Counterfeit Goods Seized at Walsall’s Bescot Market

What Happens When You Try To Buy Or Sell Counterfeit NFL Jerseys?

Joint Investigation Leads to Discovery of Counterfeit Goods in North Carolina

Rock Hill Man Arrested on Drugs, Counterfeit Clothes Charges

Sandhills Store Sold Counterfeit Coach, Prada, Kate Spade Purses

Tech Reviewer Talks About Counterfeit Kingston DataTraveler 310 256gig (DT310)

“Counterfeit Culture” Documentary Premiering Tonight

Hey gang,

You must catch this doc tonight at 9pm on CBC-TV.  It stars many of the heavy hitters in the anti-counterfeiting industry, including the legendary Lorne Lipkus.

They can brake your car or break your neck. Counterfeit car parts, including brake pads and air bags, are being installed into vehicles with potentially deadly consequences.

They can brake your car or break your neck. Counterfeit car parts, including brake pads and air bags, are being installed into vehicles with potentially deadly consequences.

Counterfeit Culture is a one-hour documentary that explores the dangerous and sometimes deadly world of fake products. An industry that once dealt in imitation designer handbags and shoes has exploded into a global epidemic of counterfeit pharmaceuticals, foods, toys, electronic goods, car parts and microchips. Astonishingly, the traffic in counterfeit goods now accounts for approximately 10% of the world’s total trade – a staggering $700 billion. And it continues to grow unabated.

Shot on location in Canada, the USA, Asia, and Europe, Counterfeit Culture challenges consumers to take a deeper look at what appear to be harmless knock-offs at bargain prices. This thought-provoking film is a compelling journey through what is now a world-wide plague, a menace that some have called the crime of the 21st century.