Knockoff Report™ #545

Knockoff Report™ #545 -Suit Against Alibaba Opens Window on Issue of Counterfeiting

Former Wine Collector Gets 10 Years in Prison for Counterfeiting

These Are The Counterfeit Ingredients Being Added To A Cup Of Coffee

Anti-Counterfeit Material Reveals Marilyn Monroe in a Breath

Federal Agents Seize Knockoff Items at Ohio Flea Market

Customs Officials Confiscate $1.6m in Counterfeit Sunglasses at Savannah Port

Kentucky Police Confiscate Counterfeit Merchandise at 127 Yard Sale

Woman Who Banked Thousands From Handbag Parties Sold Counterfeit Goods

Bangladeshi Team Tackling Counterfeit Drugs Spends Two Weeks in GEW House

Lowu’s Fake-Goods Sellers Unfazed by US Counterfeit Snoops

Nigeria: ‘Illicit Trade On Counterfeit, Pirated Goods to Hit U.S. $1.7 Trillion By 2015′

Fairfax Man Pleads Guilty to Producing $76,000 in Counterfeit Postage Stamps

UL Warns of Counterfeit Smoke Detector

IACC President Bob Barchiesi on Alibaba’s Counterfeit Troubles

Knockoff Report™ #496

Counterfeit Medicine Trade Targets Africa's Poor - Knockoff Report™ #496Counterfeit Medicine Trade Targets Africa’s Poor

IACC and Taobao Marketplace Sign Agreement to Combat Counterfeiting Online

Caveat Emptor: Counterfeit Drugs ‘Pop Up’ In The United States

Counterfeit Goods Seized by Italian Police in Cellar Raid

Intellectual Property Insurance for the Electronics Industry

More Arrests Expected in NY Counterfeit Art Fraud

USPTO Wants to Hear from You on Copyright Policies in the Digital Economy

How a local attorney spots fake Rolexes and knockoff Louis Vuittons

B1.48bn in Counterfeit Goods Crushed

Driver Arrested for Selling Knock-Off Tools

Cape’s Counterfeit Crackdown

Final Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Design Revealed By Chinese KnockOff?

Safest Cars: Counterfeit vs Real Airbags

Knockoff Report™ #485

Biden Welcomes China’s Rise But Says Beijing’s Theft of US Intellectual Property Must Stop - Knockoff Report™ #485Biden Welcomes China’s Rise But Says Beijing’s Theft of US Intellectual Property Must Stop

Police: Man Imported Counterfeit Goods From China and Sold Online (FL)

Counterfeit Production Sites Busted in S China

Russian Wikipedia Faces Ban Due to Anti-Piracy Law – Director

Motorola Solutions Cracks Down on Counterfeit Radios

Investigators Seize Hundreds of Bogus Cell Phones, Parts, Auto Manuals at Raleigh Home

Michigan AG Warns Consumers of Online Ticket Scams

DVD Bootlegger Sentenced To Prison, Probation

IACC Helps to Combat Rogue Internet Pharmacies

Facebook Sites Selling Counterfeit Bags Close Pages

Counterfeit Air Bags Called Extreme Safety Risk

Knockoff Report Thursday

How a Chinese Knockoff Left Mark on Sharpie PensHow a Chinese Knockoff Left Mark on Sharpie Pens - Knockoff Report

U.S. Seizes 1,500 Counterfeit Hermes Purses at Port of L.A.

IAA Announces the Merger of its Membership Into the IACC

Computers with Counterfeit Software Cannot be Protected

CACN Welcomes Introduction of Anti-Counterfeiting Legislation

Polk Traffic Stop Turns up More Than 800 Counterfeit DVDs

Wisbech Trader Prosecuted in Wales for Counterfeiting Fishing Supplies and Selling them Online

Saying She Was Harmed by Counterfeit Toothpaste, Staten Island Woman Sues Importer

Judge Orders $300K Forfeiture in Counterfeit Case

$342,000 of Counterfeit Items Seized From Elgin Man

Counterfeit Ball Bearing Dealer Jailed in Sweden

Counterfeit BMW 5-Series Kit is an Easy Sell in China

Dubai Customs Battle Against Counterfeit Goods

Thursday’s Thrill Ride

MoneygramMoneyGram Joins Forces with the IACC to Protect Consumers from Retail Scams

Imaging Supplies Coalition’s ‘When in Doubt, Check it Out’ Program Explained

Number Of Counterfeit Fashion Seizures Down

Counterfeit Drug Seizures Fell Significantly in 2012

Microsoft Identifies 13 Shanghai PC Resellers Involved in Windows Piracy

UAE Shop Owner Wins Fight Against ‘Counterfeit Goods’ Charge

Lynnwood Man Charged in Counterfeit-Goods Case

Dotcom’s Mega: Anti-Piracy Group Moves To Cut Off Site’s Finances

Clothing Company Fights Counterfeit Shirts, Focuses on Sandy Relief

How to Spot Counterfeit Food