Knockoff Report™ #535

Fake Oranges Seizure Becomes Hong Kong’s First Counterfeit Fruit Scandal

AntiCounterfeiting Coalition Pointing Out Phony Deals (Bob Barchiesi featured)

Knockoffs Thrive on Alibaba’s Taobao

Porn Star Visits USC for Anti-piracy Talks

Dark Web, Bitcoin Fuel Counterfeit Market

Counterfeit Goods Crackdown Sees 2,500 Websites Shut Down

Oregon Defense Contractor Charged with Providing Counterfeit Parts

Value of ‘More Sophisticated’ Counterfeit Goods Increases by Millions

Counterfeit Clothing Seized in Almeria

Avoid Counterfeit Olive Oil By Verifying Its DNA Nanoparticles

TECNO Cracks Down on Counterfeit Handsets in Africa

Dh6.7m in Counterfeit Goods Seized by Dubai Customs in 2014 Q1

Counterfeit Tickets Could Ruin Your Summer Fun

Man Was Selling Counterfeit DVDs in Front of Cincinati Courthouse

185 Counterfeit Guitars Valued at $1 million Seized at Jersey City Bulk Mail Center

Man Admits to Massive Counterfeit Exercise Equipment Scam Out of Northern New York

Runner Claims Counterfeit Bibs Used at Boston Marathon?!

Knockoff Report™ #532

Man Faces 20 Years in Prison in Counterfeit Computer Chip Scheme - Knockoff Report™ #532Man Faces 20 Years in Prison in Counterfeit Computer Chip Scheme

WWE loses court fight to seize counterfeit merchandise at WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans

Dangerous Counterfeit Air Bag Explodes With Shrapnel

Medford Man Accused Of Making Counterfeit Charlie Cards

Counterfeit Chanel and Dud Dolce Found in Fake Fashion Haul in Gloucestershire

Bristol Man Caught Selling Counterfeit Clothes and Shoes

Two Arrested With Over 100 Counterfeit Credit Cards

Dropbox’s Anti-Piracy System That Protects Privacy

Lie-agra: Authorities confiscate 140,000 counterfeit viagra pills in Shenzhen

Chestermere Man Charged in Connection With Counterfeit Oxycodone

HK Customs Seizes Counterfeit Goods at 270,000 HKD

Judge Slices Bill Koch’s $12 Million Verdict in Counterfeiting Lawsuit

Counterfeit Electronics Can Be Dangerous, Fund Illegal Activity

Dr. Oz Spotlights Counterfeit Drugs and Reveals Cholesterol-Lowering Diet

Is That Brand Name Makeup You Bought Online a Knockoff?

Forget Suing Filesharers: in 2014, Anti-Piracy Efforts Follow the Money

Counterfeit Final Four Merchandise Targeted

BUYER BEWARE: Knock-offs Also Target Off-Brand Suppliers

$50,000 of Counterfeit Bags Seized in York County

Knockoff Report™ #480

Hong Kong Customs Seizes 2,282 Counterfeit Goods - Knockoff Report™ #480Cops warn Washington Heights Street Vendors to Knock off Selling Knockoffs

USPTO Implementation of the 2013 Joint Strategic Plan for Intellectual Property Enforcement

Internet Society Urges Transparency in Intellectual Property Discussions

Western Union and the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition Team Up to Help Prevent Online Counterfeit Sales

Man Pleads Guilty To Selling Counterfeit Goods At Kansas City, Kan., Store

Zeldin Bill to Protect Consumers Against Counterfeit Airbags Passes Senate and Assembly

KOHLER Raids Counterfeit Center, Destroys Over 700 Products

NHL Cracks Down On Counterfeit Merchandise

Dubai Police Seize Dh6m in Counterfeit Metal Detectors From Raid

Lawyer’s Snarky Response to Cease-and-Desist Letter Suggests the Sender is Joking or ‘a Big Meanie’

Schumer Warns of Counterfeit Cell Phone Battery Dangers

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Counterfeit Foods, Other Products Threaten BiH Market

Clever or Counterfeit? Unofficial Spurs Merchandise in San Antonio

Off-Licence Has Licence Revoked After Selling Counterfeit Goods

Minelab Exposes €1.2m Counterfeit Operation in Dubai

NAFDAC Warns on Fake Contraceptives

$275,000 in Counterfeit Merchandise Seized From 3 Myrtle Beach Stores

Artist, Daughter Head to Prison for Counterfeiting $630,000 Worth of Paintings

Florida Man Sentenced for Supplying Counterfeit Razor Blades to Meijer Stores

Suspended Sentence For Man Who Sold Counterfeit Goods at Hucknall Car Boot

Hong Kong Customs Seizes 2,282 Counterfeit Goods

Knockoff Report Friday (or “Thursday’s Late Offerings”)

China’s Counterfeit CondomsChina's Counterfeit Condoms - Knockoff Report

Texas Merchant Pleads Guilty, Fake Designer Items

Don’t Get Frozen by Counterfeit NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Tickets and Gear!

Coach Sues Kansas Business, Employee for Allegedly Selling Fraudulent Goods Using its Brand

Over 100,000 Bottles of Counterfeit Alcohol Confiscated in Kyrgyzstan Since 2013

Counterfeit Toy Website Operation Closed In Hong Kong

Cheap Counterfeit Google Glasses Are the Fashion Trend of 2013

Here’s a Chinese Knock-off Google Glass

Counterfeit Goods Sales Busted at Swap Shop

Counterfeit Condom Ring Busted and Millions of Contraceptives Confiscated

Suspects Charged With Selling Counterfeit Designer Merchandise

UL Warns of Counterfeit UL Mark on Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Ramsgate Man Sentenced for Allowing the Sale of Counterfeit Goods on his Website

Chinese Police Destroy £21m of Counterfeit Designer Goods