Knockoff Report™ #547

Up to 190 Years In Prison for Counterfeit Philly Sports Jerseys - Knockoff Report™ #547Up to 190 Years In Prison for Counterfeit Philly Sports Jerseys

Counterfeit Goods Smuggling Ring Dismantled By FBI

How the Red Baron’s Knockoff Aircraft Became the First Great Warplane

China’s Newest Knockoff Predator Drone Takes to the Skies

Counterfeit Luke Bryan Concert Tickets Prompt Arrests

Alibaba’s IPO May Open Floodgates to Counterfeit Products

Man Accused of Selling Counterfeit Tickets to Jason Aldean SPAC Show in NY

Two Charged in PA with Producing Counterfeit Cards

Segway Owner Claims Chinese Knockoffs Roaming U.S. Streets

Mobile, LA Man Busted With More Than 200 Counterfeit Items

Beware of Knockoffs in App Stores

New Rochelle NY Man Sold Knockoff Bags, Yanks Caps, Cops Say

President Obama Nominates Danny Marti As New ‘Piracy Czar’ - Knockoff Report™ #547President Obama Nominates Danny Marti As New ‘Piracy Czar’

Hadley, MA Police Seize Nearly 500 Counterfeit DVDs from Flea Market

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Import Specialists and Officers Seize Counterfeit Tablets Valued at $1.1 Million

Boardwalk Shop Busted for Counterfeit Goods

Swiss Combat Counterfeit Cheese With DNA Fingerprinting

Police Seize Counterfeit Goods Worth £1m in North Manchester raids

Police Find Drugs and Counterfeit Shoes in Speeding Ute (NSW)

Nespresso Settles With French Regulator on Knockoff Capsules

LVMH Ends Legal Spat With Google Over Counterfeit Search

Dubai Warehouse Raids Net Over 1m Counterfeit Drugs, Cosmetics

Ireland Pair Arrested in Ballymena in Counterfeit Car Products Inquiry

Some Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) Vendors Told to Cease and Desist with Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit Cosmetics, Weight-Loss Drugs Seized in Dubai

Knockoff Report™ #539

NBI Seizes Fake Perfumes, Cosmetics From Manila Mall - Knockoff Report™ #539China’s Shanzhai Companies Moving On From Counterfeit Imitation To Collaborative Innovation

NBI Seizes Fake Perfumes, Cosmetics From Manila Mall

2 Sold Knockoff Sneakers at Palmyra Flea Market

Seattle Man Sold Dozens of Dangerous Airbags as Counterfeits Flood the Market

Winston-Salem Jewelry Store Owner Accused of Selling Stolen and Counterfeit Merchandise

Fighting Replica Watches With Hidden Laser Images & Nanostructuring

3 Accused of Selling Counterfeit Concert Tickets on Craigslist

Alibaba’s Knockoff Products Issue Concerns Investors Ahead of IPO

The Counterfeit Detective: Where the Port of LA Stores Illegally Imported Goods

Gucci, Fendi, Nike Fakes Found During Atlantic Beach Bike Fest, Arrests Made

Rise of the Superfake! They Can Cost Thousands – With Craftsmanship to Rival the Real Thing. And they’re becoming status symbols in their own right

New Safety Fears Over Counterfeit Car Parts

BOC Sues Trader, Customs Broker Over P55M Worth of Smuggled Knockoff Goods

Knockoff Patrol Another Not-Quite-Cronut Spotted - Knockoff Report™ #539Knockoff Patrol: Another Not-Quite-Cronut Spotted

Counterfeit Cosmetics Damaging Brand Reputations

Counterfeit Craven A Cigarettes on the Market

Knockoffs at Boston Flea Market Total $30M

Counterfeit DC/DC Converters in the Supply Chain

Hanford Man Accused of Selling Counterfeit Movies, CD’s at Swapmeet

Counterfeit Gear Worth £1m Seized During Raids in Cheetham Hill

ISF Seizes Counterfeit Cleaning Products in n. Lebanon

What the History of Counterfeiting Can Teach Us About the Future of Digital Marketing

Kenya Handset Market Grows by 21.5 pc


Knockoff Report™ #537

Instagram Account FakeWatchBusta Identifies Rappers Using Counterfeit Watches - Knockoff Report™ #537Instagram Account FakeWatchBusta Identifies Rappers Using Counterfeit Watches

Amazon Struggling to Keep Counterfeits off Market, Retailer Says

Counterfeit Auto Sticker Operation Discovered in Maine

Altavista Man Sentenced for Selling Counterfeit Apparel

Used Car Salesman Who Hid Counterfeit Merchandise in Boots Hit With £60,000 Bill

UL Warns of Counterfeit Fire Sprinklers

Police Say Men Sold Counterfeit Tickets to Washington Wizards Playoff Game

Man Sentenced for Selling Counterfeit Goods at Walden Super Flea

€24,000 of Counterfeit Goods Seized in South Armagh Search

42 People Accused of Selling Knockoff Goods in Massachusetts

Kenya Loses Over Ksh 70B Through Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit Golf Clubs Could be a Dangerous Ripoff

Knockoffs From China Sting Small Canadian Shop

Hotlines Set Up to Check for Counterfeit Medicines in India, Nigeria

Hilliard Man Charged With Selling Counterfeit Goods

Peoria Summer Camp Music Festival Warns of Counterfeit Tickets

Los Angeles Fashion District Merchants Banned, Fined $26M For Selling Counterfeit Goods

Forth Valley Police Seize Counterfeit Goods Worth £2m

China Arrests British ‘Knockoff Dealer’ Behind £2.85m Scam

Alibaba Takes Tougher Stance Against Online Sale of Counterfeit Goods - Knockoff Report™ #537Alibaba Takes Tougher Stance Against Online Sale of Counterfeit Goods

Mozzarella Arrests Made After Counterfeit Cheese Found in Italy

The Important Differences Between Real and Counterfeit iPad Chargers

U.S. Customs Officials In Philadelphia Seize Cache Of Counterfeit Workout DVDs

Smuggling in the UAE: Counterfeit Goods Seeping Into Ports Daily

Man Enters Not-Guilty Plea to Charges Involving Counterfeit Goods

China’s Knockoff World Wonders

Suspected Counterfeit Tickets at Coppin Graduation, Hundreds Shut Out

46 Arrested in Raid on Counterfeit Merchandise Warehouse

Inside Paris’s Bizarre Counterfeit Museum

Six Victims of Winter Poker Open Counterfeit Chip Scandal File Lawsuit Against Borgata

Counterfeit Purses An “Ongoing Problem” In Memphis

Knockoff Report™ #536

Vietnam Replacing China to Become Counterfeit Goods Hot Spot - Knockoff Report™ #536Vietnam Replacing China to Become Counterfeit Goods Hot Spot

Fake Nikes, Guccis, Coach: Muskegon Store Owner Charged with Selling Counterfeits

Oregon City Man Awaits Sentencing in Feds’ First Counterfeit Apps Case

Sugar Land Man Charged for Trafficking Fake Louis Vuitton, Coach Handbags

Woman Claims Jewelry Store Replaced Expensive Necklace With Counterfeit One

Counterfeit Clothing Donated to Norfolk People in Need

Canon Report Finds 18% of People Bought Counterfeit Gear Unwittingly in 2013

India Says It Will Not Participate In A US Investigation Of Intellectual Property Rights Violations

Navy Further Punishes Admiral Who Was Accused Of Counterfeiting Poker Chips

185 Counterfeit Guitars Seized at Bulk Mail Center in Jersey City

Pakistani Man Sentenced in Counterfeit Viagra® and Cialis® Case

From “Pizza Hat” to “Mash Donald’s”, Knockoff Fast Food Restaurants Reign Abroad

Vice President Joe Biden Defends Intellectual Property - Knockoff Report™ #536Vice President Joe Biden Defends Intellectual Property

2 Charged with Selling Counterfeit Drugs to Cancer Center in Northern Nevada

Qingpu Police Target Online Sellers of Knockoffs

Romanian Organized Crime Group Involved in the Distribution of Counterfeit Drugs in Western Europe

Counterfeit Ticket Warning with Extra Security Set for Crystal Palace Clash Against Liverpool

Illicit Cigarettes and Counterfeit Tobacco Seized in County-wide Sting

Police Arrest 2, Seize Counterfeit Fragrances At Perfume District Establishment

Drugs and Counterfeit Cards Seized from Mahogany Home

SFO Plays Key Role in Seizing Counterfeit Products

U.S. Gives Ukraine a Pass on Lax Intellectual Property Laws


Knockoff Report™ #534

Counterfeit American Flags Made In China Seized In Huntington Park Raid - Knockoff Report™ #534Counterfeit American Flags Made In China Seized In Huntington Park Raid

Man Convicted Of Selling $2.6 Million In Knockoff Batteries To The US Navy

Police Grapple With Cybercrime

Google Faces New Pressure From States to Crack Down on Illegal Online Drug Sales

More Than $1M in Fake Soccer Gear Seized in GA

Online Shopping Portals Account for 25% of Counterfeit Goods Sales: Study

Authorities Seize More Than $150K Of Counterfeit Designer Items From Delco Store

Replica World Cup Trophies Seized in Anti-Piracy Swoop

Implications Of U.S. Sanctions Program On Intellectual Property Owners

Peru Flooded with Counterfeit Contraceptives - Knockoff Report™ #534Peru Flooded with Counterfeit Contraceptives

Stolen Vials of Cancer Drug Reintroduced as Counterfeits

Midstate Man Sentenced for Selling Counterfeit Goods

Blaming China Oversimplifies Real Sources of Global Counterfeit Menace

Plain Cigs Packs Will Make Counterfeiting Easier

Man Charged in Counterfeit Clothing Bust Claims He’s Guilty by Association

Knock-Off Brand-Name Items Now Burgeoning in Japan

Huntsville Man Sentenced to 2 years, Restitution Fines for Thousands of Counterfeit DVDs, CDs

Clone Strike: Flappy Bird Knockoff Kills It In Kuwait

Dubai Warehouse, Dhs16m Worth of Counterfeit Beauty Products Seized

Armani and Prada Among Fake Goods From Barras Donated Overseas

Gov’t Seizes P6.24 B Worth of Counterfeit Goods

Seized Counterfeit Clothing Helps Local Causes

Two Arrested For Counterfeit Casino Chips In Maryland

EFCC Arrests Suspected Counterfeit Software Reseller in Lagos

Hounslow Software Counterfeiting Operation Busted

Market Trader Who Sold Fake Designer Goods Told Court he Was Helping People Who Couldn’t Afford Real Thing