Knockoff Report™ #538

Knockoff Report™ #538 - Golf Anti-Counterfeiting Group Efforts Lead to Significant Sentences in Ongoing Fight Against FakesGolf Anti-Counterfeiting Group Efforts Lead to Significant Sentences in Ongoing Fight Against Fakes

Kanye West Called Out A Fan For Having Knockoff Sneakers

How to Spot a Counterfeit Apple Charger

Stiff Punishment For Counterfeit Viagra Seller Caught On Craigslist?

Houston Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Smuggle, Traffic Counterfeit Viagra Tablets

100,000 Counterfeit Car Spare Parts Uncovered in Southern Riyadh

Over 100,000 Illegal and Counterfeit Prescription Medications Recovered in Ireland

Shreveport Man Busted for Counterfeit DVDs & CDs

Heading to a Summer Concert or Big Game? Beware of Counterfeits

Two Arrested After Counterfeit Cigarette Raids in Durham

Kenya to Burn Counterfeit Goods Worth Sh500m

NHL Warns Blackhawks Fans of Counterfeit Merchandise

Analyst Dep’t Warns of Counterfeit Head and Shoulders, Olay

Algerian Market Flooded with Counterfeit Products

Suspected Counterfeit Tickets at Baltimore Graduation, Hundreds Shut Out

‘Elaborate’ Counterfeit Tax Disc Discovered in Limerick

California Firm Sold Counterfeit Samsung, Blackberry Phones

Police Uncover Cartel Manufacturing Counterfeit Goods in Mombasa

Counterfeit Goods Worth £35,000 Seized From Edinburgh Business

Over 1,000 Bottles of Counterfeit and Mis-described Glen’s Vodka Seized in Middlesbrough

Two Men Indicted on Charges of Selling Counterfeit Airbags from China

Millions of Dollars of Counterfeit Drugs Seized in Worldwide Raid

Real or Fake? How to Spot Counterfeit NHL Jerseys


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Engagement Ring

Engagement Ring courtesy of Wikipedia

Tiffany and Co. Accuses Costco of Selling Counterfeit Engagement Rings

Fake Metropasses and Tokens Cost TTC Close to $2M Last Year

Counterfeit Merchandise Sold During NBA All-Star Weekend

Anti-Piracy Group to The Pirate Bay: We Want You To Sue Us!

Cops Arrest 2 For Selling Counterfeit Watches

Baltimore County Police Raid Plaza Flea Market for Counterfeit Goods

Dubai and Ajman Police Authorities Seize 6,200 Counterfeit Toners

Dundalk Flea Market Shut Down as Vendors Accused of Selling Counterfeit Goods to Detectives

Counterfeit Wedding Dresses