Knockoff Report™ #538

Knockoff Report™ #538 - Golf Anti-Counterfeiting Group Efforts Lead to Significant Sentences in Ongoing Fight Against FakesGolf Anti-Counterfeiting Group Efforts Lead to Significant Sentences in Ongoing Fight Against Fakes

Kanye West Called Out A Fan For Having Knockoff Sneakers

How to Spot a Counterfeit Apple Charger

Stiff Punishment For Counterfeit Viagra Seller Caught On Craigslist?

Houston Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiring to Smuggle, Traffic Counterfeit Viagra Tablets

100,000 Counterfeit Car Spare Parts Uncovered in Southern Riyadh

Over 100,000 Illegal and Counterfeit Prescription Medications Recovered in Ireland

Shreveport Man Busted for Counterfeit DVDs & CDs

Heading to a Summer Concert or Big Game? Beware of Counterfeits

Two Arrested After Counterfeit Cigarette Raids in Durham

Kenya to Burn Counterfeit Goods Worth Sh500m

NHL Warns Blackhawks Fans of Counterfeit Merchandise

Analyst Dep’t Warns of Counterfeit Head and Shoulders, Olay

Algerian Market Flooded with Counterfeit Products

Suspected Counterfeit Tickets at Baltimore Graduation, Hundreds Shut Out

‘Elaborate’ Counterfeit Tax Disc Discovered in Limerick

California Firm Sold Counterfeit Samsung, Blackberry Phones

Police Uncover Cartel Manufacturing Counterfeit Goods in Mombasa

Counterfeit Goods Worth £35,000 Seized From Edinburgh Business

Over 1,000 Bottles of Counterfeit and Mis-described Glen’s Vodka Seized in Middlesbrough

Two Men Indicted on Charges of Selling Counterfeit Airbags from China

Millions of Dollars of Counterfeit Drugs Seized in Worldwide Raid

Real or Fake? How to Spot Counterfeit NHL Jerseys


Knockoff Report™ #519

One Scientist's Battle With Canal Street - Knockoff Report™ #519One Scientist’s Battle With Canal Street

The Next Generation Counterfeit Handbag: The Superfake

Unauthorized Rubber Duck knockoffs in Keelung to be withdrawn

Akwesasne Smoke Shop Ordered to Stop Selling Counterfeit Marlboros

Apple Patents 3D Codes to Thwart Counterfeit Products

Counterfeit Samsung Mobile Phone Parts Seized:EIPR

RCMP and Assiniboine Park Zoo Team Up to Examine Counterfeit Merchandise

Homeland Security Raids The Foxy Lady For Selling Knock-Off Red Sox And Pats Gear

USPTO Gets #1 Ranking as Best Place to Work in the Federal Government

Police Seize Record £4.2million Worth of Fake Goods at ONE Outdoor Market

Over $10 Million of Counterfeit Headphones Seized

RCMP Say Counterfeit Coats Could Put Buyers at Risk

Atlanta Police Discover Multimillion-Dollar Counterfeit Purse Operation

‘Tis The Season For Counterfeit E-Commerce Sites: An Insider’s Take On How To Avoid Being Snookered By Fakes

U.S. Wine Dealer’s ‘Magic Cellar’ Filled With Lies: Prosecutors Say

Wine Counterfeiting on CBS Sunday Morning

Knockoff Report™ #510

Federal Agencies Warn Against Counterfeit Decorative Contact Lenses - Knockoff Report™ #510Federal Agencies Warn Against Counterfeit Decorative Contact Lenses

Gucci Wins $144 Million in US Counterfeit Trial

Man Pleads Guilty to Selling Counterfeit Goods in Harrison County

Colombian Team Don Knock-off Shirts After Forgetting Kit

Intellectual Property Insurance for the Financial Industry

Counterfeit Goods Worth N$12m Seized

Apple Counterfeit Accessory Detection the Latest in ‘Shanzai’ War

Counterfeiting Charges Dropped Against 1 Missouri Suspect

LAPD, US Customs Battle Counterfeit Goods Market, Multi-Billion Dollar Industry More Lucrative Than Drugs

Knockoff Report™ #498

Investigation Into Knockoff NFL Jerseys Leads To Discovery Of Weapons Stockpile - Knockoff Report™ #498Investigation Into Knockoff NFL Jerseys Leads To Discovery Of Weapons Stockpile

Customs Cracks Down on Counterfeit Cialis, Viagra

Counterfeit Bags are Big Business for Dubai Traders

Greyhound Says up to 10% of Bin Tags Counterfeit

How the Anti-Piracy Lobby is Like the Syrian Electronic Army

Police Seize Over $89,000 in Counterfeit Apple Products at Maryland Mall

Massive Chinese Counterfeit Wine Ring Busted with 7,000 Fake Cases

Counterfeit Tickets for Gamecock Football on the Rise

Warning Over Counterfeit Ireland Picnic Tickets

Counterfeit Fragrances Showed up at Ohio State Fair

Police, Pirates Warn of Counterfeit Tickets as Team Looks Toward Playoffs

Police: Fake Apple products sold at Arundel Mills

Knockoff Report™ #494

Rampant Counterfeit Tech Threatens The Lives of US Military Members - Knockoff Report™ #494Rampant Counterfeit Tech Threatens The Lives of US Military Members

China Police Crack Down on Counterfeit Goods

The Counterfeit Mobile Phone Market

Petition Against Russian Anti-piracy Law Gets 100,000 Signatures Online

VA School Board Member, 6 Others Charged With Selling Counterfeit Goods at Flea Market

Apple: Bring us Your Weird, 3rd-Party and Counterfeit Chargers

SOPA and 3 Ways to Think About Intellectual Property