Knockoff Report™ #501

Louvre Hit by Chinese Counterfeit Ticket Scam - Knockoff Report™ #501Louvre Hit by Chinese Counterfeit Ticket Scam

Google Outlines Anti-Piracy Tactics in Comprehensive Report

Fashion Designers Rely on Patents to Deter Knock-offs

Agents Say Counterfeit Goods Hurting Alabama’s Economy

Fresno Man Sentenced for Selling Counterfeit Video and Audio DVDs

14,855 Counterfeit Products Seized in Abu Dhabi

Counterfeit U.S. Open Tickets Sold To Glenview Resident

Counterfeit Clothing Sales Land Las Vegas Man in Jail

Police: Counterfeit Items Sold at Brookville Flea Market

Drake Sued For Knockoff Owl Chains


Knockoff Report™ #498

Investigation Into Knockoff NFL Jerseys Leads To Discovery Of Weapons Stockpile - Knockoff Report™ #498Investigation Into Knockoff NFL Jerseys Leads To Discovery Of Weapons Stockpile

Customs Cracks Down on Counterfeit Cialis, Viagra

Counterfeit Bags are Big Business for Dubai Traders

Greyhound Says up to 10% of Bin Tags Counterfeit

How the Anti-Piracy Lobby is Like the Syrian Electronic Army

Police Seize Over $89,000 in Counterfeit Apple Products at Maryland Mall

Massive Chinese Counterfeit Wine Ring Busted with 7,000 Fake Cases

Counterfeit Tickets for Gamecock Football on the Rise

Warning Over Counterfeit Ireland Picnic Tickets

Counterfeit Fragrances Showed up at Ohio State Fair

Police, Pirates Warn of Counterfeit Tickets as Team Looks Toward Playoffs

Police: Fake Apple products sold at Arundel Mills

Knockoff Report™ #497

Kevin Spacey’s Anti-Piracy Business Model Give the Audience Control - Knockoff Report™ #497Kevin Spacey’s Anti-Piracy Business Model: Give the Audience Control

The Risks of Using Counterfeit Software in Your Business

Trafficking in Knockoff Nikes Sends Chinese Immigrant Couple to Prison

Michigan State’s A-CAPPP Expands Industry Advisory Board

Counterfeiting, Nigeria foam industry’s major challenge- Vitafoam

NC Alcohol Law Enforcement Counterfeit Sting Lands Four Arrests

Man Caught With Hundreds of Counterfeit Designer Goods Pleads Guilty in Youngstown

Seattle-area Man Admits to Illegally Importing and Selling Counterfeit Luxury Car Accessories

3 Arrested After Counterfeit Goods Found at Phoenix Home

Knockoff Report™ #492

Knockoff Report™ #492Owners of Movie Rights Have No Luck With New Russian Anti-Piracy Law

China’s First Intellectual Property Service Alliance Established in Zhongguancun

Curious Case of the Counterfeit Cream Cakes

Counterfeiters Better at Faking Goods

Gang Turns Ordinary Cars into Knockoff Ferraris

Kenya: We Can’t Do Much Until Fakes Reported – Agency

Buying Counterfeit Goods in New York City May Lead to Fine or Jail Time

Knockoff Report™ #491

Hezbollah Maintains Complex Network of Front Companies Trading in Counterfeit Medicine - Knockoff Report™ #491Hezbollah Maintains Complex Network of Front Companies Trading in Counterfeit Medicine

U.S., China Team Up to Seize Counterfeit Goods in Joint Operation

New Anti-Piracy Law Allows Russian Rights Owners to Tackle illegal Internet Download Sites

Counterfeit Goods Seized From Off-Licences

UL Warns of Counterfeit UL Mark on Air Purifier

UL Warns of Counterfeit UL Marks on Fire Hose Nozzle and Valve

Woman Caught Selling Counterfeit Auto Insurance Cards