Fear and Loathing on Facebook

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What happens when The Online Guys get together to discuss privacy on Facebook?   A lot of colorful talk and opinions galore.  This week Rob, Sam, Tony & Justin open the conversation with Sam’s report that Facebook is scheduled to be hacked in the near future by the terrorist organization ‘Anonymous’.  Then Rob gets Tony to expound on his theory that SkyNet may exist in these current times.  This is where the conversation gets great.  Each of us give our theories on the social media behemoths we know as Facebook and Google.  Some conspiracies flew and some signs of reason.  You will really enjoy our entertaining and very informative rants.  Go ahead.  Press play.  I know you want to.

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Everybody Online Is Naked

Today, we tackled some of the most controversial issues in online privacy and security in a humorous, timely and deeply philosophical conversation.  I was going to entitle the episode  ‘Transparency: Take it or Leave It’ but opted for this one instead. This episode started out with Rob telling Tony about how the Texas heat melted his Toyota Prius.  After that Tony gives us the skinny on the latest version of WordPress. Then Sam, Tony & Rob segue into a debate on social media transparency.  We cover all the hot situtations and how transparency is affecting them.  From the American justice system and the Casey Anthony trial to reality television and cyber-bullying. What would life be like if the whole world was transparent? Go ahead.  Press play.  I know you want to.

All Googled Out


Do you think Google is going to take over the world? Are you ready to sign your life over to Android?  Are you convinced Facebook is on a downward spiral Google Logothanks to Google Plus?  Rob, Justin and Sam tackle these questions in Episode #34  as well as other interesting topics including:

  • Justin’s stalker on the Internet
  • Rob’s road rage videos (yes they are real!)
  • Setting Sam up with a famous tech nerdy guy via Youtube
Go ahead and press play. We know you want too!

Riots and Conspiracy Theories

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Rob, Tony and Sam are on today initially discussing online streaming video then, somehow, we segued into the Vancouver riots of earlier this month.  This discussion brought on lots of talk including some of Rob’s crazy theories.  Sam tells us about her favorite TV show and how it relates to the Internet.  Tony gives us tips on using WordPress.  Overall, it was a fun time and we really let loose and give you guys a glimpse into our minds and even a few secrets of the universe.

Go ahead.  Press play.  I know you want to.

The Online Guys + Justin Brackett = One Crazy Show!

This week we have the privilege of having one of North Carolina’s “Twitter Elite”  Justin Brackett co-host The Online Guys podcast with Rob and Samantha.  Justin takes names when it comes to emerging media.   On the show we discuss Rob’s counterfeit raids in Michigan, Justin’s countless projects and Samantha’s serial killer ways.   Yes, really.

And a big thank you to everyone that showed up to the Online Guys Tweetup in San Francisco.  We had a blast and hope you did too!

Go ahead and press play. We know you want to!