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Rob Holmes is Founder & CEO of IPCybercrime.com. Raised in New Jersey in a family of private investigators, Rob worked his first trademark infringement case at the age of twelve. While aspiring as a stand-up comedian in Los Angeles in the early 90s, he was employed at a premiere intellectual property investigative firm. Here, he found himself assigned to investigate a new breed of faceless perpetrators: online infringers. Rob conducted some of the world’s first IP-related Internet investigations, and pioneered the study of the “virtual crime scene”. His regular clients include 20 of the 100 Best Global Brands. Rob is a private eye, funny guy, blogger, Calvinist, Freemason, Prius owner, and a Gene Hackman Fan.

Knockoff Report™ #548

Try These Nike Knockoffs for Your Back to the Future Halloween Costume - Knockoff Report™ #548Try These Nike Knockoffs for Your Back to the Future Halloween Costume

Alibaba Has a Major Counterfeit Problem (CNN)

DOJ Reopens Counterfeit Drug Charges Against Madison Pharmacist

Oreos, Ramen and Spreads: 5 Notable Knockoffs in the Food Business

Metro Police Warn Against Counterfeit Titans Tickets

Fighting Phony Brands with Customer Loyalty in Kiev

Federal Officials Warn of Counterfeit Cleveland Sports Items

Man Charged With Selling Counterfeit Buffalo Bills Tickets

Microsoft Urges African Authorities to Combat Counterfeit Phone Imports

Italian Police Foil Counterfeit Tuscan Red Wine Scam in Biggest Food Fraud

Fake DVDs to be Transformed into Bottles and Mobile Phone Cases

Rovio Sues 2 Firms Over Fake Angry Birds Merchandise

Tanzania: Fake Smart Phones Seized in Dar Shops

Man Allegedly Sells Undercover Cop Crushed Pop-Tart, Claims It’s Cocaine

Action Against Selling Counterfeit 3M Products in India

Mobile Man Busted With More than 200 Counterfeit Items

Knockoff Report™ #547

Up to 190 Years In Prison for Counterfeit Philly Sports Jerseys - Knockoff Report™ #547Up to 190 Years In Prison for Counterfeit Philly Sports Jerseys

Counterfeit Goods Smuggling Ring Dismantled By FBI

How the Red Baron’s Knockoff Aircraft Became the First Great Warplane

China’s Newest Knockoff Predator Drone Takes to the Skies

Counterfeit Luke Bryan Concert Tickets Prompt Arrests

Alibaba’s IPO May Open Floodgates to Counterfeit Products

Man Accused of Selling Counterfeit Tickets to Jason Aldean SPAC Show in NY

Two Charged in PA with Producing Counterfeit Cards

Segway Owner Claims Chinese Knockoffs Roaming U.S. Streets

Mobile, LA Man Busted With More Than 200 Counterfeit Items

Beware of Knockoffs in App Stores

New Rochelle NY Man Sold Knockoff Bags, Yanks Caps, Cops Say

President Obama Nominates Danny Marti As New ‘Piracy Czar’ - Knockoff Report™ #547President Obama Nominates Danny Marti As New ‘Piracy Czar’

Hadley, MA Police Seize Nearly 500 Counterfeit DVDs from Flea Market

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Import Specialists and Officers Seize Counterfeit Tablets Valued at $1.1 Million

Boardwalk Shop Busted for Counterfeit Goods

Swiss Combat Counterfeit Cheese With DNA Fingerprinting

Police Seize Counterfeit Goods Worth £1m in North Manchester raids

Police Find Drugs and Counterfeit Shoes in Speeding Ute (NSW)

Nespresso Settles With French Regulator on Knockoff Capsules

LVMH Ends Legal Spat With Google Over Counterfeit Search

Dubai Warehouse Raids Net Over 1m Counterfeit Drugs, Cosmetics

Ireland Pair Arrested in Ballymena in Counterfeit Car Products Inquiry

Some Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) Vendors Told to Cease and Desist with Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit Cosmetics, Weight-Loss Drugs Seized in Dubai

Knockoff Report™ #546

US Court Grants Order to Wipe Pirate Sites From the Internet - Knockoff Report™ #546US Court Grants Order to Wipe Pirate Sites From the Internet

Why Protecting Our Trade Secrets Is Essential To Saving the Economy

Arrest Made in East Albany Store Counterfeit Raid

Dubai Customs Seizes 139 Counterfeit Items Worth AED17.6m in H1

Consumer Group: Counterfeit Makeup Tested, Contains Lead

Rise in Sickness Over Counterfeit Diazepam

Prescription Drug Wholesaler Pleads Guilty to Smuggling Counterfeit Cancer Drugs

Beware of Counterfeit Clothes and Scam Websites

Trooper Arrests Three for Possessing Counterfeit Clothing

Winchester: Three Plead Guilty to Selling Counterfeit CDs, DVDs

Rainbow Loom Knockoffs Could Contain Carcinogens

Nigeria Moves to Block Counterfeit Handsets from China

Michael Wright, of Rockville Centre, Accused of Selling Counterfeit Long Island Rail Road Tickets

Yemeni Authors Discouraged By Counterfeiting

SFPD Ready to Handle Counterfeit Tickets At McCartney Show

Two Men Arrested For Selling Counterfeit Items At Kentucky Yard Sale

Counterfeit Seed Dealers to be Blacklisted

Hanoi Cops Seize Chinese Canned Corn Bearing Counterfeit US Labels

Counterfeiting and Piracy Milks Industries in Ghana

Illegal Tobacco and Counterfeit Cigarettes Worth Around £3,000 Seized from Shops During Awareness Event

CBP Seizes Over $1.6 Million in Sunglasses for Counterfeit Ray Ban Trademark

Counterfeit Tobacco Products Litter Kenyan Market

Leicestershire Trading Standards Officers Seize Counterfeit Goods Worth £900,000

Counterfeit Wine Seller Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

Helping To Protect You Against Counterfeit Batteries (Video Infographic)

Knockoff Report™ #545

Knockoff Report™ #545 -Suit Against Alibaba Opens Window on Issue of Counterfeiting

Former Wine Collector Gets 10 Years in Prison for Counterfeiting

These Are The Counterfeit Ingredients Being Added To A Cup Of Coffee

Anti-Counterfeit Material Reveals Marilyn Monroe in a Breath

Federal Agents Seize Knockoff Items at Ohio Flea Market

Customs Officials Confiscate $1.6m in Counterfeit Sunglasses at Savannah Port

Kentucky Police Confiscate Counterfeit Merchandise at 127 Yard Sale

Woman Who Banked Thousands From Handbag Parties Sold Counterfeit Goods

Bangladeshi Team Tackling Counterfeit Drugs Spends Two Weeks in GEW House

Lowu’s Fake-Goods Sellers Unfazed by US Counterfeit Snoops

Nigeria: ‘Illicit Trade On Counterfeit, Pirated Goods to Hit U.S. $1.7 Trillion By 2015′

Fairfax Man Pleads Guilty to Producing $76,000 in Counterfeit Postage Stamps

UL Warns of Counterfeit Smoke Detector

IACC President Bob Barchiesi on Alibaba’s Counterfeit Troubles

Knockoff Report™ #544

Alibaba Unleashes Litter of Koons Balloon Dog Knockoffs - Knockoff Report™ #544Alibaba Unleashes Litter of Koons Balloon Dog Knockoffs

Three Quarters Less Counterfeit Goods Caught At Bulgaria’s Borders

Selling Counterfeit DVDs Lands Missouri Man a Year in Prison

Washington Man Sentenced in San Diego For Counterfeit Levi Strauss Labels

San Jose Man Sentenced to Four Years in Counterfeit Video Operation

Turkish Man Pleads Guilty to Smuggling Counterfeit Drugs

Man Fined for Selling Counterfeit Goods at Grays Market in UK

UA, City Officials Focus on Counterfeit Tickets

OLAF Informed About Smuggled Counterfeit Pesticides Seized in Poland

How to Spot Counterfeit Wine