About Rob Holmes

Rob Holmes is Founder & CEO of IPCybercrime.com. Raised in New Jersey in a family of private investigators, Rob worked his first trademark infringement case at the age of twelve. While aspiring as a stand-up comedian in Los Angeles in the early 90s, he was employed at a premiere intellectual property investigative firm. Here, he found himself assigned to investigate a new breed of faceless perpetrators: online infringers. Rob conducted some of the world’s first IP-related Internet investigations, and pioneered the study of the “virtual crime scene”. His regular clients include 20 of the 100 Best Global Brands. Rob is a private eye, funny guy, blogger, Calvinist, Freemason, Prius owner, and a Gene Hackman Fan.

Knockoff Report™ #543

Louis Vuitton Parent, eBay Settle 8-Year Old Fight Over Knock-offs - Knockoff Report™ #543Louis Vuitton Parent, eBay Settle 8-Year Old Fight Over Knock-offs

Knockoff Oscar Peddler Owes Academy Big Bucks

Man Accused Selling Counterfeit Cellphone Covers in Maine

Illinois Man Sentenced for Trafficking Counterfeit Goods, Drugs into U.S.

Minnesota Man Charged in Counterfeit Jersey Sales

Vimax Combats Counterfeiters

Deadly Fake Wine Flooding Britain’s Off-licences: Laced With Bleach, Nail Polish and Anti-Freeze – and Passed Off as Top Brands

Fake Britain’s Knock-off Goods: From Shardonnay to Brick Dust Covered in Road Paint and Sold as Heart Drug

Dubai Police Seize Fake Goods Worth $9.2m in 15 Days

Fake Designer Clothes Factory Raided in Johannesburg

Jamaica Cops Seize $465m in Counterfeit Goods

India to Pay Whistleblowers for Info on Counterfeit Drugs

Counterfeit Goods, Drugs Among Most Seized Items in Qatar

High Capacity & Counterfeit Batteries (iPhone & Samsung)

Knockoff Report™ #542

Beats Goes After Chinese Counterfeiters With Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit - Knockoff Report™ #542Beats Goes After Chinese Counterfeiters With Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit

Are Fakes Back in Fashion?

Thousands of Fake Bags Shredded as Part of Clampdown on Counterfeit Goods in Dubai

Working iPhone 6 Knockoffs Already Hit the Market

EU Seizes Counterfeit Goods From Far East

53,000 Counterfeit Cigarettes Seized in UK Raids

Dorset Counterfeit Pandora Bead Sellers Fined

Nike’s Presence in Brazil Threatened by Counterfeit Jersey Sales

Xerox Tightens Grip on Counterfeit Suppliers

MLB Warns of All-Star Merchandise Counterfeiters

Operation Finds Counterfeit and Illegal Pills Stored in Cake, Underpants and Socks - Knockoff Report™ #542Operation Finds Counterfeit and Illegal Pills Stored in Cake, Underpants and Socks

Korea Fights Counterfeit Goods With International Standards

Married Couple Accused of Selling Counterfeit Louisville Zoo Passes

JD.com Accused of Selling Counterfeit Products

South Carolina Traffic Stop Nets $6K of Suspected Counterfeit Purses, Shoes

New York City Man Pleads Guilty to Possession of Counterfeit DVDs

Company Director Made £35,000 by Selling Counterfeit Goods

Could You Be Getting Knockoffs at Outlet Malls?
video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Knockoff Report™ #541

CSI Bordeaux Wine Detective Solves Multimillion-Dollar Case - Knockoff Report™ #541CSI Bordeaux: Wine Detective Solves Multimillion-Dollar Case

20/20 6/13: To Catch a Fake

Knockoff Samsung Smartphones Transmitted Personal Data to Chinese Server

Congress Names 4 Countries To Anti-Piracy Watchlist

Forget Handbags: Household Items Among Goods Seized in Counterfeit Busts

An Attack on Intellectual Property Is an Attack on US Business

Tough Action Against Counterfeit Products

Inviting Knockoffs To The Tailgate Party

Attorneys Send a Convention Message: Knock off the Knockoffs

Lawyers Focus on Short Cut to Riches for Counterfeiters

Counterfeit Antibiotics Feed Drug Resistance, Superbugs

Vaughan Man Arrested for Selling Counterfeit Concert Tickets

Wimbledon’s ‘British’ Approach to Brand Protection Revealed

Lawsuit Over Fake Poker Chips Dismissed by State Court - Knockoff Report™ #541Lawsuit Over Fake Poker Chips Dismissed by State Court

Kirkham Man Admits Counterfeit Goods Ruse

Phony Headphones, Fake Jewelry Among Items Seized in Counterfeit Sting

Feds Seek $130,000 for Counterfeit Sunglasses Seized in Anchorage

Nearly 200 Websites Touting Counterfeit Goods Seized by Law Enforcers

Hundreds of Counterfeit Goods Seized From Apple Valley Sports Store

Serbian Couple Busted for Selling Knockoffs in Greece

Brooklyn Man Charged With Selling Counterfeit Cigarettes

More Than Half the T-Shirts Sold on Amazon Are Counterfeit…

5 Reasons to Protect your Intellectual Property — No Matter the Size of Your Company

Seven Ways to Tell If Your Gold Is Real

ICC Releases 2014 Intellectual Property Roadmap

Could Your Cheap Knock-off Phone Charger Kill You?

Film Industry Group Encourages Advertisers’ Anti-piracy Efforts

Maine Company Faces $5M Fine for Selling Counterfeit Goods

Biggest Counterfeit Indian Art Controversy Hits Auction

Six Merchants Busted for Counterfeits at W. Columbia Flea Market

10 Years in Prison for Key Player in International Counterfeit-Goods Ring

Second Knock-off USB Charger Explodes

Counterfeit Books Hurting Kenya’s Printers

Tanzania: War Intensified Against Counterfeit Products

Microsoft Launches Intellectual Property Portal for Africa

Kenya Anti Counterfeit Agency Conducts Raids on ‘Fake Phone’ Shops After Complaints

Knockoff Report™ #540

Hershey Sues Colorado Company Over Marijuana Candy Knockoffs - Knockoff Report™ #540Hershey Sues Colorado Company Over Marijuana Candy Knockoffs

Fake or Real: Can You Tell Which Is the Counterfeit Website?

Real Estate Tycoon Must Pay $450,000 in Chinese Sculpture Knock-Off Scheme

Counterfeit Traders Fuelling Demand for Cheap and Potentially Dangerous Booze

Indiana Convenience Stores Likely Selling Counterfeit Merchandise

NJ Pair Admit Guilt in Counterfeit Goods Ring

Two New Yorkers Arrested, Accused of Selling Counterfeit Gold Coins

Chanel Suing Spanaway Website for Selling Counterfeit Products

Leeds Shop Owner Sold Counterfeit Booze and Tobacco

NBA Warns Against Counterfeit Heat, Spurs Gear

Man Pleads Guilty in Counterfeit Sub Parts Case

Ice Cream Wars: Mr. Softee Dishes Out Injunction Against Knockoff Trucks - Knockoff Report™ #540Ice Cream Wars: Mr. Softee Dishes Out Injunction Against Knockoff Trucks

Vintage Fraud: How To Spot A Counterfeit Wine

Counterfeit Merchandise: The Music Industry’s Unspoken Challenge

Indonesia Can’t Fake Its Reputation for Knockoffs

Gardaí Clean Up in Raid on Counterfeit Washing Powder Operation

Vietnam’s Counterfeit Condom Crisis

Counterfeit FDA Seal on E-cigarette ‘Juice’

Customs to Destroy 780 Pairs of Counterfeit Lacoste Shoes

Two Arrested Over Sale of Counterfeit Shampoo

Selling Counterfeit Magic Cards to Pay for College

Knockoff Report™ #539

NBI Seizes Fake Perfumes, Cosmetics From Manila Mall - Knockoff Report™ #539China’s Shanzhai Companies Moving On From Counterfeit Imitation To Collaborative Innovation

NBI Seizes Fake Perfumes, Cosmetics From Manila Mall

2 Sold Knockoff Sneakers at Palmyra Flea Market

Seattle Man Sold Dozens of Dangerous Airbags as Counterfeits Flood the Market

Winston-Salem Jewelry Store Owner Accused of Selling Stolen and Counterfeit Merchandise

Fighting Replica Watches With Hidden Laser Images & Nanostructuring

3 Accused of Selling Counterfeit Concert Tickets on Craigslist

Alibaba’s Knockoff Products Issue Concerns Investors Ahead of IPO

The Counterfeit Detective: Where the Port of LA Stores Illegally Imported Goods

Gucci, Fendi, Nike Fakes Found During Atlantic Beach Bike Fest, Arrests Made

Rise of the Superfake! They Can Cost Thousands – With Craftsmanship to Rival the Real Thing. And they’re becoming status symbols in their own right

New Safety Fears Over Counterfeit Car Parts

BOC Sues Trader, Customs Broker Over P55M Worth of Smuggled Knockoff Goods

Knockoff Patrol Another Not-Quite-Cronut Spotted - Knockoff Report™ #539Knockoff Patrol: Another Not-Quite-Cronut Spotted

Counterfeit Cosmetics Damaging Brand Reputations

Counterfeit Craven A Cigarettes on the Market

Knockoffs at Boston Flea Market Total $30M

Counterfeit DC/DC Converters in the Supply Chain

Hanford Man Accused of Selling Counterfeit Movies, CD’s at Swapmeet

Counterfeit Gear Worth £1m Seized During Raids in Cheetham Hill

ISF Seizes Counterfeit Cleaning Products in n. Lebanon

What the History of Counterfeiting Can Teach Us About the Future of Digital Marketing

Kenya Handset Market Grows by 21.5 pc