Knockoff Report™ #551

Counterfeit Panties, World Series Tickets Part Of Federal Raid... Panties?! WOO HOO! Homeland Security Nabs 126 Counterfeit World Series Tickets High Court Forces UK ISPs to Block Websites Selling Fake Luxury Goods Knockoff Goods to Be Targeted in China Dozens Of New Lawsuits Filed In … Continue reading

Knockoff Report™ #550

Converse Sues 31 Companies Over Alleged Chuck Taylor Knockoff Sneakers Chinese PM Says Intellectual Property Rights Must be Protected Former Los Angeles-area Businessman Sentenced to Over 7 Years in Prison for Selling Knock-off Batteries to Navy for Use on Warships DARPA Technology … Continue reading

Knockoff Report™ #549

Bogus Batman, Spider-Man Lego Sets Seized Guangzhou Police Reveal Bust of 'Billion-Yuan' Counterfeit Bag Ring Face Masks Become Top Counterfeit Product Lincolnshire Couple Who Sold Counterfeit CDs on eBay Given Suspended Sentences CBP Seizes Counterfeit Rechargeable Toys Valued at $1.3 … Continue reading