Knockoff Report™ #554

How eBay, Amazon and Alibaba Fuel the World's Top Illegal Industry — the Counterfeit Products Market (featuring Rob Holmes) ABS-CBN wins $250-M antipiracy case in US (featuring Rob Holmes) 'Operation Treasure Hunt' Seizes $2 Million in Counterfeit Goods £90 Million of Counterfeit … Continue reading

Knockoff Report™ #552

Counterfeit Chinese Tires May Be Selling Under US Brand Names 3 Steps for Excluding Counterfeit Goods and Protecting Your Brand China Opens Intellectual Property Courts to Improve Image The Counterfeiting Conundrum: How Technology Will Slam the Scam Windows Update Breaking Counterfeit … Continue reading

Knockoff Report™ #551

Counterfeit Panties, World Series Tickets Part Of Federal Raid... Panties?! WOO HOO! Homeland Security Nabs 126 Counterfeit World Series Tickets High Court Forces UK ISPs to Block Websites Selling Fake Luxury Goods Knockoff Goods to Be Targeted in China Dozens Of New Lawsuits Filed In … Continue reading